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Moving & Packing Tips

Your Bohren's professional moving team will make your move as smooth as possible. Much of the planning and preparation happens before we ever arrive at your door. If you follow these suggestions, you'll not only avoid many common mistakes, but you'll take much of the worry, hurry and stress out of your move.

  1. Take stock of your possessions and make a list of which items are going and which will be left behind.

  2. Arrange with the post office to have your mail forwarded to your new address.

  3. Arrange for your utilities to be turned off on the day after your move, and for them to begin service in your new town on the day the movers are scheduled to arrive.

  4. Dispose of all flammable items such as aerosol cans, cleaning fluids and fireworks. Drain the fuel from all gasoline powered lawn equipment.

  5. Pack a phone book for the numbers you'll need... but can't remember.

  6. Obtain copies of all your personal records: medical, dental, school and veterinarian.

  7. If you're doing your own packing, start at least 6 weeks before the day of the move. First, pack items you seldom use and save daily essentials for the last boxes. Write on each box which room it should be placed in.

Bohren's Pre-Planned Moving Guide lists step-by-step information to help you prepare for your move. Contact us for this and other free booklets, each full of helpful tips or download a pdf version here:

Watch this helpful series of moving and packing tips produced by United.



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